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Marshall, John University College, Room 254
15 King’s College Circle
Toronto, ON M5S 3H7
t: 416-978-6667
f: 416-971-2027
  • Apocalyptic literature
  • Colonialism and religion in the ancient world
  • Early Jewish-Christian relations
  • Historical Jesus
  • “Magic”
  • The role of Paul in the construction of Christianity


John Marshall joined the Department for the Study of Religion in 2000.  His graduate study at Princeton University in religions of late antiquity generated an abiding interest in religious boundary crossing in the ancient world.  Professor Marshall is cross appointed to the Centre for Jewish Studies and the Department of Classics. His current academic interests are apocalyptic literature, colonialism and religion in the ancient world, Early Jewish-Christian relations, historical Jesus, “magic”, and the role of Paul in the construction of Christianity. His researches takes account of ancient literary sources to address social-historical questions in the history of Second Temple Judaism and the development of early Christianity.

Primary Teaching:

  • RLG 241 – Early Christian Literature I
  • RLG 320 – Jews and Christians in the Second Century
  • RLG 325 – Visions and Revelations in Ancient Judaism and Christianity
  • RLG 327 – Magic and Miracle in Antiquity
  • RLG 455 – Heresy and Deviance in Early Christianity

Research Interests

My research makes use of ancient literary sources to address social-historical questions in the history of Second Temple Judaism and the development of early Christianity. Currently, I’m particularly interested in Apocalyptic Literature, Methodology and ideology in the study of ancient Judaism and Christianity, the colonial context of early Christianity and thus post-colonial theory in its relation to historical-critical methodology.

Opportunities for Student Supervision/Areas of Interest

  • Early Christianity
  • Second Temple Judaism

Selected Publications

2012  “Misunderstanding the New Paul: Marcion’s Transformation of the Sonderzeit Paul.” Journal of Early Christian Studies, 20.1: 1–29.

2012  with Pamela E. Klassen, “Saint as Cipher: Paul and the Politics of Ritual Repudiation.” History of Religions, 51.4: 344-363.

2008  “‘I Left You in Crete’: Narrative Deception and Social Hierarchy in the Letter to Titus.” Journal of Biblical Literature. 127.4 pp. 781-803.

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