HEWITT, MARSHA Contact Areas of Interest

Marsha Hewitt
Trinity College
Larkin Building, Room 326
Toronto, ON
t: 416-978-2887
e: marsha.hewitt@utoronto.ca
  • Critical Theory and Religion
  • Psychoanalysis and Religion
  • Method & Theory
  • Ethics (Habermas)
  • Liberation Theology
  • Religion and Trauma Studies


Marsha Hewitt is Professor of Social Ethics and Religion in the Faculty of Divinity, Trinity College. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in critical theory, ethics and the psychology of religion in the Toronto School of Theology and the Department for the Study of Religion.

Primary Teaching

  • Faculty of Divinity, Trintiy College, Undergraduate/Graduate
  • Department for the Study of Religion, Graduate, University of Toronto
  • RLG211 Psychology of Religion
  • RLG301 Religion on the Couch: Freud on Religion

Selected Publications

2016: Spirits in the Mind, Gods in the Brain: Contemporary Psychologies of Religious Experience, in Religion: Social Religion. MacMillan: Religion Series, W. B. Parsons, ed.

2016: The Psychoanalytic Occult in Freud and Contemporary Theory, in Religion: Super Religion, MacMillan: Religion Series, Jeffrey J. Kripal, ed.

2014: Freud and the Psychoanalysis of Telepathy, Psychanalytic Dialogues, 24.

2014: Thinking through Therapeutic Failure Concerning a Suicidal Patient, in Understanding and Coping with Failure, Willock, Curtis & Bohm, eds. Routledge.

2014: Freud on Religion, Durham: Acumen.London: Routledge.

2013: Psychoanalysis, Religious Experience, and the Study of Religion: NOT Religious Studies, Critical Research on Religion.

2013: Neurology and Psychology of Religion, Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion.

2012: Affective and Cognitive Dimensions of Religious Experience: Toward a Conceptual/Theoretical Integrative Perspective, Studies in Religion.

2012: Dangerous Amnesia: Restoration and Renewal of the Connections between Psychoanalysis and Critical Social Theory, Contemporary Psychoanalysis.

2012: Critical Theology or Critical Theory? Aporias in the Theology of Liberation: Juan Luis Segundo Revisited, Religionskritik in der Moderne.

2010: Religion and Violence: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry, in Chasing Down Religion: In the Sights of History and the Cognitive Sciences.