DSR Graduate Norman Tobias has recently published Jewish Conscience of the Church: Jules Isaac and the Second Vatican Council with Palgrave Macmillan.

This book presents the backstory of how the Catholic Church came to clarify and embrace the role of Israel in salvation history, at the behest of an unlikely personality: Jules Isaac. This embrace put to an end the tradition, more than fifteen centuries old, of anti-Jewish rhetoric that had served as taproot to racial varieties of anti-Semitism. Prior to Isaac’s thought and activism, this contemptuous tradition had never been denounced in so compelling a manner that the Church was forced to address it. It is a story of loss and triumph, and ultimately, unlikely partnership.

Norman C. Tobias, who holds a PhD from the Department, is a practising tax lawyer and former adjunct professor of law, Queen’s University. He is the author of the first 5 editions of Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships and Trusts (Carswell) and one of 6 members of the Canadian Rabbinic Caucus in its renewed systematic dialogue with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.