Virgin Mary handcuffed by border agents

The Bible and Migration (Course Code: DTS199F)

A First-Year Foundations Seminar


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How has religion—especially Judaism and Christianity—shaped the politics of human migration? Why do some people think the bible tells them to welcome refugees, while others think it tells them to build walls to keep them “out”? From the expulsion of Adam and Eve from “paradise” to journeys both ancient and modern to “the promised land”, biblical stories continue to play a complex role in modern literature and contemporary political debates about migration, refugees, and homelands. In this seminar, you will learn how to critically read and convincingly write about biblical narratives and their echoes with a focus on four themes: paradise, promised land, exile, and sanctuary. This course will orient you to studying at U of T, while also giving us all a chance to ask what it means to think and write about the bible and the politics of migration while studying in the Toronto region, the traditional territories of the Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee.

Prof. Naomi Seidman and Prof. Pamela Klassen are co-teaching this seminar, which welcomes first-year students from all streams across Arts & Science on the St. George Campus.

Image: Artist unknown. Students will be challenged to find the attribution by the end of the seminar.

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