April 15th, 2011
Jackman Humanities Building, 170 St. George Street, 1st Floor

8:45AM – 9:00AM Coffee & Tea & Muffins

9:00AM – 10:30 AM Panel 1: Style versus Substance? Form and Beauty in Religious Discourse

Panel Chair: Tenzan Eaghll

“The Poetics of Immanence: A Very Brief Exploration of the Aesthetics of Abhinavagupta’s Tranāloka.” Eric Steinschneider, University of Toronto

“Poetic Falsehood: The Ethics of Ornamentation.” Dianna Roberts, University of Toronto

“Lovely Ideas”: Hans Urs von Balthasar, Blaise Pascal, and the Primacy of External Beauty in Conversion.” C. Andrew Thompson-Briggs, Villanova University.

10:30AM– 12:00PM Panel 2: Seductive Subversions: The Power of Artistic Expression

Panel Chair: Maria Dasios

“Reinventing Bhabhi: What Stands to be Learned from “Savita Bhabi and Other Works of Indian Pornography.” Amanda S. Ocasio, Northern Arizona University.

“God in Ruins? Religion as Resistance in Raul Zurita’s Anteparaiso.” Jeannine M. Pitas, University of Toronto.

“Niqab and Heels: Visual Protest in Paris.” Kendra Sarna, University of California, Santa Barbar

12:00PM– 1:00PM LUNCH BREAK: Lunch Provided by the DSR Student Association

1:00PM – 2:30PM Panel 3: That’s Hot: Reimagining Representations

Panel Chair: Arun Brahmbhatt

“Divine Human: The Characterization of the Bodhisattva in the Lalitavistara.” Xi He, University of Chicago.

“The Eye of the Beholder: Byzantine Icons and the Disciplining of the Gaze.” Maria Dasios, University of Toronto.

“Augustine and Dante’s Inferno: Perspectives on Depicting Hell.” Rex Barnes, Concordia University.

2:30PM – 4:00PM Panel 4: Come Together (Right Now): The Arts in Religious Communities

Panel Chair: Nathalie LaCoste

“Music and the Problem of Emotion in Early Christian Communities.” Jade Weimer, University of Toronto.

“The Influence of the Religion of Beauty in Organized Religion During the Gilded Age.” Josh Probert, University of Delaware in cooperation with the Winterhur Museum.

“Beauty, Class, and Culture in Religious Discourse: Theological Aesthetics and Economic Justice in North American Christianity.” Kevin Minister, Southern Methodist University

4:15PM – 5:30PM Roundtable: What role does “beauty” play in religion today?

Chair: Nicholas Dion Participants: Bonnie deBruijn, David Kaden, Professor Ken Derry & Professor Karen Ruffle.

5:30 – Onwards: Mixer and Munchies: Duke of York: We are pleased to invite you to join us at the Duke of York Pub following the Roundtable for a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) munchies will be provided!