photograph of dissertationThe Department for the Study of Religion would like to congratulate the students below for successfully defending their  dissertations. We also thank their supervisors and committee members for the support and guidance they have provided them throughout their program.

Sarah Rollens, Friday August 30th, “Framing Social Criticism in the Jesus Movement: The Ideological Project in the Sayings Gospel Q”, Supervisor: John Kloppenborg, Committee Members: John Marshall, Joseph Bryant.

Shari Golberg, Tuesday September 9th, “When Beruriah Met Aisha: Textual Intersections and Interactions among Jewish and Muslim Women Engaged with Religious Law”, Supervisor: Robert Gibbs, Committee Members: Pamela Klassen, Anver Emon.

Jodie Boyer, Thursday September 12th, “Sin and Sanity in Nineteenth-Century America”, Supervisor: Pamela Klassen, Committee Members: David Novak, Phyllis Airhart.

Tim Langille, Thursday September 12th, “Reshaping the Persistent Past: A Study of Collective Trauma and Memory in Second Temple Judaism”, Supervisor: Hindy Najman, Committee Members: John Marshall, Doris Bergen.

Smita Kothari, Friday September 13th, “Dāna and Dhyāna in Jaina Yoga: A Case Study of Prekṣādhyāna and the Terāpanth”, Co-Supervisors: Christoph Emmrich, Stephen Scharper, Committee Member: Srilata Raman

Rick Last, Tuesday September 17th, “Money, Meals, and Honour: The Economic and Honorific Organization of the Corinthian Ekklesia”, Supervisor: John Kloppenborg, Committee Members: John Marshall, Andreas Bendlin

Congratulations Sarah, Shari, Tim, Jodie, Smita and Rick, and all our very best wishes for the future.