David Perley
Photo of David Perley BA (Carleton), MA, PhD (Toronto)
Areas of Research/Teaching Interest: Method and Theory in the Study and Teaching of Religions; History of American Religious Thought; Religion and the Philosophy of Language
Selected Publications:
“Developmental Tools to Introduce Students to Religion” (in progress);
“Philosophy,” The Encyclopedia of Religion in America (2010);
“Lovejoy, A. O.” and “Panpsychism,” American Philosophy: An Encyclopedia (2008);
“Explosive Metaphors and Vague Detonations: Seigfried’s Contribution to Philosophy and Beyond,” William James Studies (2006);
“Vagueness: An Additional Nuance in the Interpretation of Ibn ‘Arabi’s Mystical Language,” American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences (2005).


E. Pontoriero
portrait Ph.D. (Religion and Women’s Studies)

Department for the Study of Religion
University of Toronto
170 St. George Street, 3rd floor
Toronto, Ontario

Teaching and Research Areas:
Religion, Gender, Human Rights and Peacebuilding in Comparative Context

Member of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies

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Matthew Price


Laury Silvers
ppl-silvers Silvers works on Islam in the Formative Period, in particular Sufism and pious and Sufi women, Sufi Metaphysics, Gender, and North American Muslim women’s religious authority. She is the author, co-author, and co-editor of books and articles on these subjects including, A Soaring Minaret: Abu Bakr al-Wasiti and the Rise of Baghdadi Sufism; with Kecia Ali and Julianne Hammer, A Jihad for Justice: Honoring the Life and Work of Amina Wadud; with Ahmed Elewa, Simply Good Women: Introduction and Translation of Women’s Biographies in Ibn al-Jawzi’s, “Sifat al-safwa” (in progress); with Ahmed Elewa, ‘I am One of the People’: A Survey and Analysis of Legal Arguments on Woman-led Prayer in Islam; “God Loves Me’: Early Pious and Sufi Women and the Theological Debate over God’s Love,” and “Sufi Women” for the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Sufism.