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Laura Beth Bugg
Department for the Study of Religion
Jackman Humanities Building, Room 304
170 St. George St.
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Identity, mobility and transnational religious life
  • Race, belonging, citizenship and immigrant religious institutions
  • Religion, gender and sexuality
  • Religion and the welfare state


Laura Beth Bugg is an Assistant Professor for the Study of Religion. She received her doctorate from the Harvard Divinity School in 2006. Her primary research interests are at the intersection of religion, place and welfare governance. She is particularly interested in the experiences of new immigrant groups in the establishment of places of worship and religious schools, and the ways in which contestations around minority places of worship and schools are mediated and controlled by local governance processes.

Curriculum Vitae

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Primary Teaching

  • Undergraduate Capstone Practical
  • Religion and the City


“Space, Representation and Belonging: a Swaminarayan Temple in Sydney, Australia.”Globalisation, Diaspora and Belonging: Exploring Transnationalism and Gujarati Identity.Ed. S. Mawani and A. A. Mukadam.Rawat Publications
“Citizenship and Belonging in the Rural Fringe: a Case Study of a Hindu Temple in Sydney, Australia.”Antipode45(5):1148-1166.
“Collaborative Planning in a Complex Local Context: The Case of an Islamic School in Sydney, Australia.”Journal of Planning Education and Research33(2): 204-14.
“Religion on the Fringe: The Representation of Space and Minority Religious Facilities in the Rural-urban Fringe of Metropolitan Sydney, Australia.”Australian Geographer43 (3): 273-289.
Co-authored with N. Gurran.“Urban Planning Process and Discourses in the Refusal of Islamic Schools in Sydney, Australia.”Australian Planner48 (4): 281-291.