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Newman, Judith H Department for the Study of Religion
Emmanuel College, 75 Queen’s Crescent East
Toronto, ON M5S 1K7
t: 416-585-4533
f: 416-585-4516
  • Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
  • Post-exilic Jewish literature including the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Hellenistic Judaism
  • Formation and reception of scripture in early Judaism and Christianity
  • Ritual studies
  • Liturgy
  • Embodied cognition and conceptual metaphor theory


AB (Princeton University), MAR (Yale Divinity School), PhD  (Harvard University)

Judith H. Newman is Associate Professor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at Emmanuel College and holds a joint appointment with the Department for the Study of Religion in the area of early Judaism and a cross-appointment to the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations at the University of Toronto. She is also a faculty member of the Centre for Jewish Studies.

Judith Newman specializes in the Hebrew Bible as well as Jewish literature of the Second Temple period. Her current research interests are in the ritual performance of texts particularly as this intersects with the formation of communities in early Judaism and Christianity. She is also interested in the development of scripture, early biblical interpretation, as well as method in the study of the Bible and early Judaism and Christianity. Emerging projects include work on literature of the Hasmonean period, particularly the book of Judith; and a study of time, temporality, and liturgy.

Primary Teaching

  • EMB 1003 Introduction to the Torah and Former Prophets
  • EMB 2004  Wisdom Literature
  • EMB 2005  Prophecy
  • EMB 5401-RLG 3634 Scripture and Ritual at Qumran
  • EMB 5203-RLG 3144 Isaiah and Post-Exilic Prophecy
  • EMB 5347-RLG 3610 Wisdom in Second Temple Judaism
  • RLG 326H The Roots of Rabbinic Judaism and Early Christianity

Selected Publications

Books Under Contract

Before the Bible: the Liturgical Body and the Formation of Scripture in Early Judaism (New York: Oxford University Press).

The Routledge Introduction to Judaism Volume I: The Babylonian, Persian, and Greco-Roman Eras: From Judean Defeat to Scribal Triumph (New York: Routledge).

Other Publications

2014  “Speech and Spirit: Paul and the Maskil as Inspired Interpreters of Scripture,” in The Holy Spirit, Inspiration, and the Cultures of Antiquity: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (Jörg Frey and John R. Levison, eds., with the collaboration of Andrew Bowden; Ekstasis 5; Berlin/New York: de Gruyter), 243-266.

2014  “Covenant Restoration and Transformation: The Growth of Scripture in the Performance of the Hodayot and 2 Corinthians” in Jesus, Paulus, und die Texte von Qumran (Jörg Frey and Enno Edzard Popkes, eds.; WUNT II; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck)

2012  Editing the Bible: Assessing the Task Past and Present edited with John S. Kloppenborg (Resources for Biblical Studies 69; Atlanta, GA/Leiden: SBL/Brill).

2011  “Liturgical Imagination in the Composition of Ben Sira” Giving Thanks to the Lord: Essays on Prayer and Poetry in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature. ( J. Penner, K. M. Penner, C. Wassen eds.; STDJ 98; Leiden: Brill), 311-326.

2008  “Priestly Prophets at Qumran: Summoning Sinai through the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice,” The Significance of Sinai: Traditions about Sinai and Divine Revelation in Judaism and Christianity (G. J. Brooke, H. Najman, and L. T. Stuckenbruck, eds.; TBN 13; Leiden: Brill), 29-72.

2008  Early Jewish Prayers in Greek, co-authored with Pieter van der Horst (Commentaries on Early Jewish Literature, Berlin: Walter DeGruyter).

Other Information

She is the editor of the Deuterocanonical volumes for the new commentary series, Illuminations (Eerdmans) and is writing the commentary on the book of Judith for that series. She serves on the editorial boards of the Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Journal for the Study of Judaism, Toronto Journal of Theology, and the JSJ Supplement series.

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