Photo Spiritual Despots cover

J. Barton Scott, Assistant Professor in the Department of Historical Studies at UTM and the Department for the Study of Religion at UTSG, is the Runner-Up for the ACLA Levin Prize for the Best First Book in Comparative Literature for Spiritual Despots: Modern Hinduism and the Genealogies of Self-Rule (University of Chicago Press, 2016):

“Historians of religion have examined at length the Protestant Reformation and the liberal idea of the self-governing individual that arose from it. In Spiritual Despots, J. Barton Scott reveals an unexamined piece of this story: how Protestant technologies of asceticism became entangled with Hindu spiritual practices to create an ideal of the “self-ruling subject” crucial to both nineteenth-century reform culture and early twentieth-century anticolonialism in India.”  More information is available here.