Join Mrs. Munkhchimeg Tserendorj, acting International Relations Director of the National Library of Mongolia, for a lecture on the rare books collections housed in her institution. This collection largely grew from materials confiscated from monasteries by socialist forces during the rise to power of the Mongolia People’s Party in 1924. Its contents represent a swath of Inner Asian literary culture as this developed during the Qing, including transient print material from Central and South Asia. Most of the collection represents Buddhist canonical and exegetical material, but there are also fabulous, illuminated pieces of astrology (newly entering Mongolian Buddhist culture through contact with Jesuits), medicine, poetry, and history. Most of this material, including the more than one million Tibetan texts in storage, is largely unknown to scholars outside of Mongolia and is yet uncatalogued.

This event is sponsored by the National Library of Mongolia and the University of Toronto╩╝s Department for the Study of Religion and Jackman Humanities Institute.

Time: Monday, October 15th, 2012: 3-5PM
Location: Jackman Humanities Institute, 170 St. George Street – 10th Floor