The editorial team of Symposia: The Journal of Religion announces that
we have moved to an open call for papers. We will accept paper
submission on a rolling basis, and will publish issues bi-annually.
Please submit your papers when they are ready!

Symposia is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal for the
academic study of religion. Its primary focus is on the phenomenon
called “religion,” as explored through multiple approaches including
those of anthropology, philosophy, sociology, and history. Symposia
encourages authors to question and critique the limits and boundaries
of disciplinary knowledge, by critiquing categories central to the
approaches of each in order to yield new reflections and fresh
perspectives on religious phenomena and the study of religion in

The theme for Volume 8 is “Rites of Passage.” Religions traffic in the
business of moving peoples from one stage of life to the next. Whether
in terms of coming-of-age ceremonies, or the transition from life to
death, religious rituals and their concomitant philosophical
reflections are capable of compartmentalizing an entire life into
distinct stages. However, certain rituals that inaugurate people into
new forms of life are not available to all others, indiscriminately.
As for example in the case of shamanic initiations, initiates display
some characteristics that, from the perspective of religious leaders,
single them out for this activity. Nor are the temporal limits of the
ritual initiation always clear, as in some narratival constructions
with clear beginnings, middles, and endings. We invite, in addition to
the general and open call for papers, papers that address issues
surrounding liminality, transition, rites of passage, and initiation.

Articles with a maximum of 25 pages will be considered in both French
and English. Submissions are made online:

Book reviews:

Book reviews should be a maximum of 1000 words of any academic
publication relevant to the study of religion and released within the
last two years in order to be published. We particularly welcome books
that deal with issues related to the theme for this issue, “Rites of
Passage.” If you are interested in doing a book review, please email
Ian Brown at with the name of the
author, book and publisher.