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Everett, Nicholas
Department of History & Centre for Medieval Studies
Sidney Smith Hall, 100 St George Street, Room 3113
Toronto, ON  M5S 3G3
t: 416-946-0175
e: n.everett@utoronto.ca
  • History of medicine and science, with a special interest in pharmacology and toxicology
  • Early medieval Italian history
  • History of literacy and education in early medieval Europe
  • Hagiography and saints cults in Italy
  • Ancient and medieval medicine


BA (Griffith), BA Hons (QLD), PhD (Cambridge)

Nicholas Everett is an associate professor of history and religion at the University of Toronto, cross-appointed to the Department of History and the Centre for Medieval Studies.

Selected publications

“Paulinus of Aquileia’s Sponsio Episcoporum, written oaths, and clerical discipline in Carolingian Italy”, in W. Robins (ed) The Textual Cultures of Medieval Italy (U of T Press, forthcoming).

The Alphabet of Galen. Pharmacy from Antiquity to the Middle Ages (U of T Press, forthcoming).

“Literacy from Late Antiquity to the early Middle Ages”, in D. Olson and N. Torrance eds., Cambridge Handbook of Literacy (Cambridge, 2009), pp. 362-385.

The Interrogationes de littera et de singulis causis: an early medieval school text,Journal of Medieval Latin 16 (2006), 227-275.

“Narrating the Life of Eusebius of Vercelli”, in R. Balzaretti and E. Tyler (eds), Narrative and History in the Early Medieval West (Turnhout 2006), pp.133-164.