KINGWELL, MARK Contact Areas of Interest

Larking Building, 6 Hoskin Avenue
Toronto, ON  M5S 1H8
t: 416-978-3286
  • Political and cultural theory
  • Ethics, philosophy of art and architecture


BA (Toronto), MLitt (Edinburgh), PhD (Yale)

Professor Kingwell teaches in the Department of Philosophy. He specializes in political and cultural theory, especially justice and citizenship, and related topics in the philosophy of art, architecture, and design. His recent graduate courses have included seminars on political and cultural theory as well as contemporary continental philosophy. For almost a decade he has taught a large introductory philosophy course as well as upper-level undergraduate courses in ethics, political theory, and philosophy of art. As part of the Trinity One program at the University of Toronto, he also teaches a limited-enrollment first-year seminar called Ethics and the Creative Imagination.

Selected publications


Concrete Reveries (2008)

Opening Gambits (2008)

Nearest Thing to Heaven (2006)

Nothing for Granted (2005)

Catch & Release (2003)

Practical Judgments (2002)

The World We Want (2000)

Marginalia (1999)

Better Living (1998)

Dreams of Millennium (1996)

A Civil Tongue (1995)


“Crossing the Threshold” (2006)

“Who is the Suspect?” (2005)

“Virtue Ethics: An Introduction” (2004)

“Love and Philosophy” (2004)

“New York Capital of the Twentieth Century” (2002)

“What Does It All Mean?” (2001)

“Building Dwelling Acting” (2000)

“Husserl’s Sense of Wonder” (2000)

“The Banality of Evil the Evil of Banality” (2000)

“Two Concepts of Pluralism” (1998)

“Defending Political Virtue” (1996)

“The Plain Truth About Common Sense” (1995)

“Madpeople and Ideologues” (1994)

“Is Law Like Literature?” (1994)

“Is It Rational to Be Polite?” (1993)