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Vaage, Leif
75 Queen’s Park Crescent
Toronto, ON
t: 416-585-4532
  • The social practices of biblical interpretation, especially in Latin America
  • The social projects of earliest Christianity, especially those associated with the historical Jesus and his first followers in Galilee and with the historical Paul
  • The diverse modes of social critique and alternative social construction, especially in ancient Cynicism, Christian asceticism, and modern anarchism
  • The social significance of the human body in and for these practices and projects


Leif Vaage completed his BA in Valparaiso, MDiv at Trinity Lutheran and received his PhD at Claremount University.

Selected Publications

“Jewish Scripture, Q and the Historical Jesus: a Cynic Way with the Word?” (2001)

Asceticism and the New Testament (ed. with Vincent L. Wimbush) (1999)

Subversive Scriptures: Revolutionary Readings of the Christian Bible in Latin America (ed., 1997)

“Q and Cynicism: On Comparison and Social Identity” (1994)

“The Son of Man Sayings in Q: Stratigraphical Location and Significance” (1992)

“The Sayings Gospel Q and Method in the Study of Christian Origins” (with John Kloppenborg, 1992)