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Corbett, John
Division of Humanities, University of Toronto at Scarborough
1265 Military Trail, Rm H516
t: 416-287-7164
  • Cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world
  • Symbolic role of water (rainfall) in ancient times


Professor John Corbett teaches in the Division of Humanities at University of Toronto, Scarborough. He is also cross-appointed to the Department for the Study of Religion, St George Campus.  He completed his BA at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He received his Degree in MA and PhD from the University of Toronto. His research focuses on achieving a new understanding of the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world (Near Eastern, Greek and Roman) in their natural and social contexts. He says that he has been drawn to explore the direct experiences of water in ancient life and the symbolic role of water (rainfall) during ancient times. He wants to define the meaning of water over a series of studies of water symbolism in biblical, Greco-Roman, Jewish and Christian texts and traditions.