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Hoff, Shannon
Institute for Christian Studies
229 College Street
Toronto, ON  M5T 1R4
e: shoff@icscanada.edu
  • Hegel
  • Phenomenology
  • German Idealism
  • 20th-Century French Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy
  • Plato
  • Feminist Philosophy
  • Race Theory
  • Post-Colonial Theory


Shannon Hoff (Ph.D., Stony Brook University) is Associate Professor of Social and Political Philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, and President of the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy. In 2013 she was a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin, Germany. She is the author of The Laws of the Spirit: A Hegelian Theory of Justice, with SUNY Press, as well as of numerous articles in political and European philosophy.

Curriculum Vitae

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Primary Teaching

  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Hegel and German Idealism
  • 20th-Century European Philosophy
  • Feminism
  • Post-Colonialism

Selected Publications

The Laws of the Spirit: A Hegelian Theory of Justice. Albany: SUNY Press (2014).

“Rights and Worlds: On the Political Significance of Belonging.” Philosophical Forum (forthcoming 2014).

“Hegel and the Possibility of Intercultural Criticism.” In Unity of Opposites: Hegel and Canadian Political Thought, edited by Susan Dodd and Neil Robertson. Toronto: University of Toronto Press (forthcoming 2014).

“The Colonization of Significance and the Future of the Nation: Fanon, Derrida, and Democracy-to-Come.” PhaenEx 8:1 (2013).

“Inheriting Identity and Practicing Transformation: The Time of Feminist Politics.” Philosophia 2:2 (2012).

“On Law, Transgression, and Forgiveness: Hegel and the Politics of Liberalism.” Philosophical Forum XLII: 2 (2011).

“Artificial Respiration: On Life, Environment, and Machine.” Wood: A Compendium of the Blackwood Gallery’s Exhibitions and Projects in 2009. Toronto: C. J. Graphics (2011)