Nika Kuchuk, Khalidah Ali, Jonathan Peterson standing outside on campus wearing winter coats

The DSR is featured on the U of T Arts & Science News website in a piece about preparing students for work after graduate studies. Dr. John Kloppenborg (DSR Chair), Dr. Laura Beth Bugg (Assistant Professor), and PhD students Nika Kuchuk, Khalidah Ali and Jonathan Peterson (pictured above) were interviewed for the article. The following is an excerpt:

It is now mandatory for all doctoral students to take a series of professional development seminars offered by the department, covering everything from writing grant applications to working on interview skills.

While the seminars still deliver the fundamentals needed for academic careers – teaching, research, publishing, securing grants and competing for faculty positions – it is also recognized that students could just as easily find opportunities with government agencies, NGOs or the private sector, working in areas as diverse as journalism, law and health care.

“There are more places to go as a graduate, and that’s why part of the focus of our seminars has been on the job market beyond the academy,” says Professor John Kloppenborg, chair of the Department for the Study of Religion.

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