Doctoral student Bryan Levman participated in a three week workshop at the Mangalam Centre in Berkeley, California, on translating the recently discovered Sanskrit edition of the Vimalakirtinirdesa sutra (discovered in the Potala Palace in 1999) into English. About this experience, Bryan writes,

“I found the exercise very valuable and the staff was excellent: Paul Harrison and Alex von Rospatt from Berkeley, Luis Gomez (now in Mexico) and Michael Hahn (Germany), Carmen Dragonetti and Fernando Tola (both in Argentina). We compared the Sanskrit with the extant Tibetan and three extant Chinese versions. There were 15 PHD students who participated from all over the world. We were divided into three groups, meeting with one of the faculty in the morning (on a rotating basis) and in the afternoon, there was a plenary session, where the results of our morning work were compared with the results of the other groups. I learned a lot about translation theory, and the practice of good translation, more about Sanskrit and much more about Tibetan and Chinese as well. It was great! They have now formed a committee to translate the entire book and publish the results, and I and about 7 others have volunteered to continue translating to completion, which is anticipated by the end of the year, with publication next year.”