For an RLG specialist program, up to two full course equivalents from the following may be counted. For an RLG major program, up to one may be counted.

ANT348H Anthropology of Health
ANT356H Anthropology of Religion
ANT426H Western Views on the Non-West
ANTC31H Ritual and Religious Action (UTSC)
ANTC33H Conceptualizing Religion (UTSC)

FAH215H Early Medieval Art and Architecture
FAH216H Later Medieval Art and Architecture
FAH319H Illuminated Manuscripts
FAH328H Gothic Cathedral
FAH333H Altarpiece in Italy 1400-1600
FAH381H Problems in Jewish Art
VPHB67H Religion in the Arts: Buddhist Arts and Cultures (UTSC)
VPHB75H Religion in the Arts: Hinduism and Buddhism (UTSC)
VPHB76H Religion in the Arts: Judeo-Christian Traditions (UTSC)

Celtic Studies
SMC350H Celtic Spirituality
SMC250Y Celtic Mythology

Christianity and Culture
SMC103Y  Catholicism
SMC200H  Christian Imagination I: Visual Arts (formerly SMC200Y: The Christian Imagination)
SMC201H  Christian Imagination II: Literary Arts (formerly Christianity and Literature)
SMC203Y  Christianity and Society Through the Ages (formerly Christianity Encounters the Secular World)
SMC204H Christianity and Asia
SMC205H  Varieties of Christian Experience
SMC208Y Major Christian Thinkers
SMC215H Varieties of Christian Community
SMC216Y  Ritual and Worship
SMC305H  Christianity and Popular Culture
SMC307Y  Scripture in Christian Tradition
SMC309H Christianity and Politics
SMC320H The Catholic Church in Canada
SMC330Y Christ in Christian Tradition
SMC371H  Faith and Physics
SMC400H  Advanced Topics in Christianity and Culture I
SMC401H Advanced Topics in Christianity and Culture II
SMC423H Topics in the Theology of Culture I
SMC424H  Topics in the Theology of Culture II
SMC456H Indian Christianity

CLA204H  Introduction to Classical Mythology
CLA305H Theories of Myth (Prerequisite: CLA204H)
CLAA05H Ancient Mythology I: Mesopotamia and Egypt (UTSC)
CLAA06H Ancient Mythology II: Greece and Rome (UTSC)
CLAC22H  Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (UTSC)

East Asian Studies
EAS338H1 Classical Daoism
EAS361Y Zen Buddhism
EAS414H Body/Mind Health in Chinese Philosophy

ENGC16H The Bible and Literature I (UTSC)
ENGC17H The Bible and Literature II (UTSC)

GER260Y  Basic Language Skills: Elementary Yiddish

Global Asian Studies
GASB30H Asian Religions and Cultures (UTSC)

HIS208Y  History of the Jewish People
HIS220Y  The Shape of Medieval Society
H1S309H The European Reformations
HIS319H Renaissance France and the Wars of Religion 1483-1610
HIS323H Rites of Passage and Daily Life in the Middle Ages
HIS338H The Holocaust, to 1942 (formerly HIS338Y/HIS398Y)
HIS381H African Historiography: Knowledge and Identity
HIS403Y Jews and Christians in Medieval and Renaissance Europe
HIS441H Conversion and Christianities in the Early Modern Spanish World
HIS464H Religion and Violence in Comparative Perspective
HISD63H The Crusades: I (UTSC)
HISD64H The Crusades: II (UTSC)

Italian Studies
ITA311H Mediaeval Italian Literature in Translation: Dante
ITA321Y  Dante’s Divina Commedia

Jewish Studies
CJS200H Introduction to Jewish Thought
CJS290H Topics in Jewish Studies
CJS390H Special Topics in Jewish Studies
CJS400H Research Seminar in Jewish Studies
CJS490/491 Advanced Jewish Studies

Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
NMC252H Hebrew Bible and Ancient Jewish Literature in Translation (formerly NMC 150H)
NMC270H Christians of the Middle East
NMC273Y Early Islamic History: The Prophet and the Caliphates
NMC284H Judaism and Feminism
NMC285H The Qur’an: Spirit and Form (exclusion RLG351H)
NMC286H The Qur’an: Readings and Transformations
NMC342H History of Egyptian Monasticism
NMC351H Dead Sea Scrolls (formerly NMC250H)
NMC 360H/361H Archaeology of the Biblical Period, I and II
NMC367H Archaeology and Architecture of Egyptian Monasticism
NMC370H Ancient Israel
NMC374H History of Islamic Egypt
NMC376H History of Islamic Spain and North Africa
NMC380Y Religion and Myth in the Ancient Near East
NMC381H Modern Islamic Thought
NMC382Y Mummies, Myth and Magic: The Religion of Ancient Egypt
NMC384H Life Cycles and Personal Status in Judaism
NMC387H  Islamic Mystical Tradition
NMC388H Shi’i Islam I
NMC389H Shi’i Islam II
NMC481H Muslim Gnostics & Mystics
NMC484Y Gender-Related Topics in Law and Religion
NML220Y Introductory Aramaic
NML250Y Introductory Biblical Hebrew
NML320H Intermediate Aramaic: Targum
NML350H Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I
NML351H Intermediate Biblical Hebrew II
NML357H Midrash Aggadeh
NML358H Mishnah and Tosefta
NML420Y The Jerusalem Talmud: Jewish Western Aramaic
NML452H Halakhic Midrashim
NML459H Readings in Second Temple Period Texts

New College
NEW214H Socially Engaged Buddhism
NEW232Y Buddhist Psychology
NEW302Y C.G. Jung: Stories, Patterns, Symbols
NEW339H Yogacara Buddhism and Western Philosophy

PHL235H  Philosophy of Religion
PHL237H History of Chinese Philosophy
PHL307H Augustine
PHL308H Aquinas
PHL335H  Issues in Philosophy of Religion
PHL336H Islamic Philosophy
PHL338H Jewish Philosophy
PHL414H Seminar in Philosophy of Religion
PHL478H Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Religion

Political Science
JPR364Y Religion and Politics
JPR374Y Religion and Power in the Postcolony

Slavic Languages and Literature
SLA302H The Imaginary Jew
SLA314H Dostoevsky
SLA317H Tolstoy
SLA400H Mediaeval Russia Writes
SLA449H Russian Thinkers

SOC250Y  Sociology of Religion