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  • 1609-11 003

1609-11 Lincoln Blumwell with Epitaph

BYU Professor Lincoln Blumwell shows of a 3D printed copy of an ancient Hebrew epitaph that he translated.

September 6, 2016

Photo by Jaren Wilkey/BYU

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    Lincoln Blumell translates a 1,700-year-old epitaph

    CNN reports that DSR Graduate Prof. Lincoln Blumell recently translated a 1,700-year-old epitaph written in Greek, which read In peace and blessing Ama Helene, a Jew, who loves the orphans, […]

  • DSR Graduate Eva Mroczek Publishes New Book

    DSR Graduate Eva Mroczek Publishes New Book

    DSR Graduate Eva Mroczek just published The Literary Imagination in Jewish Antiquity, her first monograph with Oxford University Press. Mroczek’s book explores how Jews read their texts before the concepts […]

  • Richard Last Awarded Banting Postdoc

    Richard Last Awarded Banting Postdoc

    DSR graduate Richard Last (PhD, 2013) has been awarded a Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship and will be conducting his research at York University. Last’s project titled The Disappearance of Guilds from […]

  • A Note about Elaine Myers, DSR graduate

    On February 19, 2015, DSR graduate Elaine Myers passed away.  Elaine completed her PhD in the department in 2007.  Her dissertation was titled The Ituraeans: Challenging Misconceptions and Evaluating the […]